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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Announcing Siskiyou Seeds!

Hi all,

Siskiyou Seed - biodynamic seed Available for planting!

Grown at Seven Seeds Farm

2009 Seed List

Order by email (copy this as a word document and then mark the varieties you’d like and return to the email below), or mail to us at 3220 East Fork, Williams, OR 97544, and no phone orders please.

We’d prefer for orders to be picked up at the farm until we get a local seed rack going. However we can ship to you (include $5 for under $50 orders, or $10 for over $50)

This is our first season selling direct to growers. We hope to expand our offerings and quantities available significantly. Feel free to contact us about custom growing potential. All seed is Stellar certified organic and grown using biodynamic practices (LKF) denotes Lupine Knoll Farm grown by Jesse & Jonathan Spero. All seeds backed by 100% replacement guarantee. Thank you for your interest in supporting local seed growing. Peace, Don Tipping.

Seeds available in packets only, All Packets are $3/ each, or 10% off if you get 10 or more packets
Some varieties are available in bulk, these are marked with an “*” inquire about pricing. 104 varieties.

*Siskiyou Sweet Onion – reselection of Walla Walla – 12-32 ounce - sweet
Rosa diMilano Onion – nice uniform barrel shaped storage onion. Very pretty
Red Wethersfield Onion – good red globe shaped storage red. Heirloom standard
Valencia Onion – a large sweet Spanish type. Delicious and stores well
Newburg – vigorous, uniform yellow storage onion
Poncho Leeks- Over winters well, big and stout – mild flavor
*Turga Parsnip – nice & refined big roots. Sweet and nutty flavor
Moss green Curled Parsley – frilly and fun. Great garnish and good in pesto
Scarlet Nantes Carrot – Super sweet, blunt tip. Best fresh eating, stores well too
Nurtibud Broccoli: very uniform and vigorous, can make large heads and sideshoots
Tatsoi : aka spoon mustard. Very mild. Cute and tasty in salad
Sputnik Arugla; from a pickle spice jar in Italy from John Navazio. Diverse roquette
Perennial Collards: makes seed and regrows, can grow from cuttings too!
Lacinato Kale – bumpy dinosaur greens, sweetens up with the cold
*Red Russian Kale – selected for uniformity and nice purple color
*White Russian Kale – later bolting, but like red Russian
9-Star Perennial Broccoli – makes florets both spring and fall for a few years
Purple Tatsoi F2 – in progress breeding project for salad mix
Mitzuna – selected for late bolting and non-hairy-ness, for multiple cuttings
Plum Purple Radish – beautiful round roots – 4 years of heavy selection
French Breakfast Radish – the nicest strain available – heavily selected
Maruba Santoh Pac Choi – Kim Chee anyone? Open head with crunchy petioles
Green Glaze Collards – unique glossy leaf sheen, nice eating, especially fried!
Early Wonder Tall Top Beet- Old standard round red table beet. Sweet and red. Nice greens
*Prismatic Rainbow Chard – gold, red, green, orange, and lots of in-betweens, good in salad small
Ford hook Giant Chard – huge vigorous plants, heavily savoyed green leaves, white stems
Bull’s Blood Beets – deep red leaves, stems and roots, good for salad mix
Purple Orach – like huge lambsquaters, good in salad, very pretty iridescent. Heat tolerant
Beet Berry – spinach flavored mini-strawberry seed capsules, seductively weird
Spadona chickory – large deep green flat leaves for cooking
Nina Frisee’ Endive – fluffy and frilly, great in salad. A tongue tickler
Sandrina Butter Lettuce – nice quick growing green butter
Vertmar Lettuce– big sturdy sweet green romaine with some bolt resistance
*Concept Lettuce – great green head lettuce, disease resistant, good market strain
Redina Lettuce – good red loose head, vigorous and beautiful
Italienischer Lettuce – huge, vigorous, heavy green oakleaf
*Forellenschluss Lettuce – green, buttery romaine with red freckles, nice for mix
Merlot Lettuce– the deepest, darkest red in the field, slow growing
Bronze Arrow – green oakleaf with red highlights, heavy heads, and a farm fav.
*Crispmint Lettuce – cool savoyed upright romaine – another farm fav.
New Red Fire Lettuce – classic 3 season red head lettuce, not for mix
Marin – smooth, heavy green head lettuce, real nice
Optima Lettuce – a big, creamy smooth butter lettuce with disease tolerance
Ermosa Lettuce– pretty medium sized butter lettuce, some heat tolerance
Devil’s Ears Lettuce – spiky, big red & green pointed leaves like a star – unusual
Red Iceburg Lettuce – crunchy and sweet in summer heat, can’t be beat
Slogun – big heat tolerant Batavian type, very slow bolting
Delicata Squash – from Frank Morton’s Zeppelin reselection, sweet and great
Buttercup Squash – green outside, deep orange inside, great tasting & smooth
Waltham Butternut Squash – small seed cavity, earlier to ripen, cure inside
*Sharlyn Muskmelon – delicious white/orange flesh – good yield of sturdy fruits
*Haogen Isreali Perfume Melon – green fruits are tropically tasty – a farm fav
Lemon Cucumber-
Crimson Sweet Watermelon – classic green striped, super sweet red-fleshed watermelon!
True cranberry Bean – deep red pole bean for drying – like jewels
*Magic Bean – like scarlet runner, but more colorful, up to 18 ft tall
Black Jet Soy Bean – early maturing – good for tempeh
Human Bean – our favorite dry bean, early and prolific
Jade Snap Bean – the best tasting green bean, very productive bush habit
Haricot Vert Green Bean – slender French style snap bean
Montcalm Kidney Bean – big maroon dry bean, early yielding
*Black Turtle Bean – early, good yield, easy thresh, fast cooking
*Zapallo Dry Bean – also called tiger’s eye, early, big and very pretty – a farm fav.
*Rainbow Dry Corn – a grex/multi line of many native flour corns, beautiful food
Cassiopeia Popcorn – 95 dearly maturing, diverse rainbow of color combinations
*Anasazi Swt Corn -85 days OP Ancient variety, many colors, thick cobs, variable (LKF)
*Art Verell’s Sweet corn – 75 days OP Heirloom su corn from SW Oregon. Short
Stalks, white kernels
*Luther Hill Swt Corn – 80 days OP Classic white su heirloom variety. Was a
Standard CV in the 1950’s (LKF)
*Double Red Sweet Corn -developed by Dr. Alan Kapuler) 85 days OP
Deep red kernels, cobs & stalks. High in antioxidants. (LKF)
*Sparkler F1 Swt Corn- 85days Anasazi x modern se. Productive, big ears,
Variable in color. Bred by J. Spero /LKF
*Festivity Sweet Corn –(Painted Hills improved) 80 days, multi-colored, multi- stalked,
Cold tolerant, 2 – 4 ears per plant. LKF
Foxtail Millet – for dried flowers, or food easy to grow
Black eagle Kamut – ancient wheat relative, huge kernels, tall vigorous plants. Pretty black awns
Kamamuji Barley – hulless and very productive, farm fav. Masunobu Fukoaka’s choice.
Caro Rich tomato – crack resistant big, orange fruits, good for market
Roma Paste Tomato – determinate vines produce heavy set of fruits, no trellising
Thessaloniki Tomato– nice early medium red slicer from Greece
Amana Orange Tomato – big yellow/orange fruits like a Brandywine, late
German Streaked– huge red, yellow and orange marbled fruits – best tasting
Chianti Rose Tomato – an improved Brandywine – large pink fruits
Gold Currant Tomato – the sweetest non-hybrid cherry tomato, very productive
Yankee Bell Pepper – big, sweet, tasty red bells – earliest bell pepper for Oregon
Aci Sivri Cayenne Pepper – long twisty red fruits mature early – hot
Sweet Chocolate Pepper –red/brown fruits, great fresh or roasted - productive!
Early JalapeƱo Pepper – nice productive fruits can actually turn red by mid Sept.
Anaheim Pepper – big, mildly spicy fruits –great for Chile’ rellanos and roasting
Bolivian rainbow Pepper – very spicy tiny fruits in a variety of colors, ripen red
Sweet Williams: intoxicating cinnamon aroma. Biennial, flowers first year, tends to naturalize here
Purple Cleome: Spider plant – fairly outrageous big stinky plant with spines and beautiful flowers.
Bee Friend – Phacelia – insectary cover crop, beautiful purple fiddle heads
Pacific Beauty Calendula – a diverse mix of colors and shapes, medicinal
Sunrise Cosmos – riotous cloud of orange flowers to 4 feet tall
Cockscomb Amaranth – fuchsia pink novelty everlasting flower
Tithonia – Mexican Sunflower – butterfly attractant, incredible hue of orange
Seashell Cosmos – pink, white and fuchsia tubular petals on robust 4-5 ft plants
Purple Dahlia Zinnia – fuchsia to purple, many blooms on plants to 5 feet
Tashkent Marigold – compact plants to 2 feet – with maroon orange flowers. Fedco’s favorite!
African Marigold – big, tall (to 4 ft) yellow and orange pom poms,
Tiger Teddy Sunflower – unusual mix of teddy bear and tiger’s colors & petals
Criolla Cilantro – delicious fresh, tasty as coriander too. Great living mulch with corn. Salsa!
Gennovese Basil – vigorous grower, mild flavor, Pesto anyone? Our favorite
Clary Sage – aromatic, edible “chia” seeds. Aka “armpit” plant by Sena Cech!
Motherwort – medicinal, naturalizes easily, bumblee bee heaven
Omega Flax – very productive and easy to grow – grow your own fatty acids!
Cadoon – like artichokes, but you eat the blanched leaf stalks. A perennial that naturalizes
Bread seed Poppy: low in opiates, delicious in baking. Tall lavender blooms yield abundant seed

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